Raging Menace
SideTrack - End of Life
As of November 1, 2010 all sales of SideTrack have been discontinued.

Thank you for your interest in SideTrack.

Unfortunately, it is no longer practical for me to continue developing SideTrack. Both technical and intellectual property issues prevent me from moving SideTrack forward. Because of these restrictions I've decided to bring SideTrack to a close.

I'd like to thank the many users who supported SideTrack over the years. Your feedback was an invaluable part of SideTrack's success.

The last SideTrack release (version 1.6) should work on existing hardware and Mac OS X releases indefinitely. Future OS X releases may disable or break SideTrack in unexpected ways. There will never be a version of SideTrack for OS X 10.7 or later.

Existing Customers: Your current version of SideTrack will continue to work. Your purchased serial numbers remain valid.

For technical assistance or for archive copies of your SideTrack license please contact the support address.

Comments, questions or concerns? Please contact support.